You spend a lot on marketing.

But what are you getting in return?

Some marketing campaigns are designed to raise brand awareness. Others are intended to generate leads. But whatever the goal, BDN believes that every campaign needs to deliver real, measurable results.

See how BDN has delivered results by filling out the form and gaining access to six case studies.


Lead Generation

Client: Anonymous

See how we delivered 3,700 leads and sent brand engagement metrics through the roof…in just four months. Find out what made this our most successful lead-gen campaign ever.

Inbound Marketing

Client: BDN

This six-month inbound marketing program resulted in 17 leads and four closed sales. Learn the tactics and techniques that fueled our success.


Client: XTI Aircraft

Learn how aggressive strategic marketing and PR have helped XTI Aircraft Company drive crowdfunding investments in the new TriFan 600.

Strategic Branding

Client: Staco Systems

How do you launch a new product, refresh an established brand and lay the foundation for a new marketing automation system? Learn how and why it worked.

Advertising Campaign

Client: MD Helicopters

Reposition a declining OEM to change perceptions and reassure a skeptical market. Learn how we doubled sales in the campaign’s first year.

Advertising Campaign

Client: Sikorsky

This enduring campaign brought consistency and clarity to an OEM advertising program that had neither. Find out how we developed one of the most iconic and acclaimed campaigns in aerospace.